De Zeeuws Vlaanderen pas

The Zeelandpass and Pluspackage

The 'Zeelandpas' can be purchased at reception for EUR 4,--.

By using the 'ZeelandPas' Pluspackage you'll have free entry to 11 selected museums in West Zeelandic Flaunders and bordering Flaunders. The ZeelandPas' + Pluspackage Zeelandic Flaunders cost EUR 8,-- together.

Here you are, your Zeelandic Flaunders' pass!

Zeelandic Flaunders is Zeelandic and Flemish at the same time, you'll feel it when you are here. Burgundic, casual and a people of vagabonds. With the Zeelandic Flaunders' Pass you'll discover the many sides of this part of Zeeland. You don't have to get bored here! Take a profit from the many advantages for many attractions and catering facilities in Zeelandic Flaunders, but also with our Flemish neighbours south of us and the rest of Zeeland.

Lots of benefits

With the Zeelandic Flanders' Pass you'll get discounts of free extras at the fun attractions, catering and other experiences. Look for all advantages on the web


The 'Zeelandpas' is personal. Kids from 2 years old and adults will need  a personal pass to profit from the advantages. In 2017 the 'ZeelandPas' will be obtainable again. From 1 March 2017 pass year 2017 will begin, Full of fun experiences you already know from past years and completed with new experiences. So also in 2017 you can go out and about to discover Zeeland.

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