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Zeelandic Flanders

Separated from the rest of The Netherlands by the Westerschelde, Zeelandic Flanders is situated quite unique. Zeelandic Flanders' inhabitants don't name their area 'a separate country ' for nothing.  And that's the way it is! For strangers will ask themselves more than once whether they're in The Netherlands or in Belgium... The people are very open and Burgundic and the vibe in the area is very relaxed. People aren't easily stressed here. And you will certainly notice that when you go out and about.

We would like to point out a couple of fun attractions close to the campsite, especially if you'd like to get out with the kids! Read more about it on Out and about with the kids!

Are you keen on a bit more action, or to go shopping? On de page towns & villages we tell you more about the towns and villages to visit from Nieuwvliet. Did you know for instance that Bruges and Ghent are within an hours' drive?

Zeelandic Flanders offers a nice landscape to go for a walk or bike ride. Read more about the beautiful nature in the surrounding area under Walking & Biking.

Keen on going out for dinner? Find more under Restaurants about the ample opportunities in the area close to the campsite.

Should you be shilly-shallying where to go? Do come to reception, Marleen and Femke will advice you with pleasure.

The ZeelandPas makes a lot of attractions easy to go to. On our page we explain what the ZeelandPas is about and where you can use it for.

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