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Frequently asked questions

Before leaving

Shall I print my reservation confirmation?
Please don’t. It is sufficient if you tell us your last name. It can sometimes happen that it is useful to also know your reservation number, but this hardly happens.

When should I book?
That depends in the first place which time of the year you'd like to come, during the off season or in the middle of the summer holidays. Should the weather be fine we usually are booked out from half of July to half of August. It is best to book in advance then. We would rather advice you to book the chalets than the camping pitches. Our rental accommodations are guaranteed fully booked at Easter-, Ascension Day-, Whitsunday bank holidays and during the summer holidays. But should you look for a camping pitch you should be ok most of the time finding one last minute. But be aware: the most beautiful and spacious pitches will be given to people who do book in advance.

Who would fit in at our campsite?
Simple: everyone who would like to enjoy the Zeelandic Flemish hospitality quietly. We welcome many families with children  up to 10. 'Pierewiet', the toddlers' swimming pool and the animation programme are developed for this group. We don't provide any special facilities or activities for kids older than 10. But also active couples without kids or whose kids have already left the nest feel at home at our campsite. That is because the campsite is little, quiet and easy to get around.

What time can we arrive?
Usually you can't arrive until 2 pm (for rental accommodations 3 pm). This way we have enough time to mow the lawns, do some cleaning and possibly do some other maintenance. Usually the reception is open until 5 pm, and on Sundays until 4 pm. If you expect to arrive later than that, please let us know so we can anticipate. Note: You're not allowed to the premises after 11 pm, the barriers won't open anymore.

Is there any public transport going to the campsite?
There sure is. If you take the train to Zeelandic Flanders, get off at Flushing. From here you have a direct connection to the ferry going to Breskens. From Breskens you can take the taxibusstop to Nieuwvliet village.

In Zeelandic Flanders the regular busconnection isn't available anymore. It was economised. You can use the 'taxibusstop' but you have to book it an hour and a half in advance ringing 088 235 8000. You wait on the agreed time at the taxibusstop and ask the driver to take you to Nieuwvliet. The busstop is about 300 m from the campsite. Should you want to book a taxibusstop, you'll need a passnumber. you can use the campsites passnumber: 44 000 3164. The tariff is equal to a normal busticket in the Netherlands. You have to pay the driver in cash.

Do we have to pay a deposit for our rental accommodation?
For our chalets we ask a deposit of EUR 50,-- and for the 'Pierewiet house' EUR 100. If everything is fine afterwards we will transfer it back to your account. We try to transfer it within two weeks after departure. Did you rent a luxury comfort pitch with a private sanitary unit? We ask a deposit of EUR 10,- for the key. We'll refund it when you hand in the key. Anybody travelling by car to the campsite will pay EUR 25,- deposit for the card for the barriers. When you hand in the card you'll get this back too. 
The children staying at the campsite are allowed to play at playfarm Pierewiet. To be able to do so, they will receive a coloured silicone wristband on arrival. For this wristband we ask a deposit of € 10,-. When we receiver the wristbands back when you leave, you will get your deposit back.

Do the rental accommodations provide bed sheeting and towels?
In our rental accommodations we provide moltons, duvets and pillows on the bed to use. However, you have to bring linnen like a duvet cover from home or book it in advance, EUR 8,50 per person. We do not provide towels.

Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Per pitch are maximum two dogs allowed. In our rental accommodations we do not allow dogs, with the exception of our tenthuts and one chalet. Also in these accommodations we allow maximum two dogs.

Can I put up a small extra tent?
Every camping pitch is allowed one camping equipment (tent, caravan, folding caravan, vw van or camper van). You're allowed to put up 2 more small tents extra. With a maximum of 6 m2. The pitches vary in space so if you put up a camping equipment, a car and two small tents it might be a bit narrow.

When will the animation team be there?
Usually during the Dutch school holidays. Would you like to know when exactly? Please take a look here.

Do you provide WIFI/internet?
Sure. We have an open network for which you don't need a password. You can just select the network and make use of our wifi system. The network is so good that you are able to watch movies, download big files etcetera, just what you feel like! And it is for free.

Can we reserve a bicycle before we arrive?
We do rent bicycles. Only we do not make reservations before arrival for bicycles. There are almost always enough. In case you come to rent one and there are none anymore, there are two bicycle stores nearby the campsite (5 minutes walk) where they also rent bicycles.

Can I cancel the booking?
In case of a cancellation we apply the RECRON conditions, which means that in case of a cancellation, you will have to pay the following:
- In case of cancellation more than three months prior to the effective date, 15% of the established price;
- In case of cancellation more between three to two months prior to the effective date, 50% of the established price;
- In case of cancellation between two to one month prior to the effective date, 75% of the established price;
- In case of cancellation within one month prior to the effective date, 90% of the established price;
- In case of cancellation on the day of the effective date, 100% of the established price.

Here you can read the complete RECRON conditions. It is also possible to book a RECRON cancellation insurance with us. Here you can find more information about the insurance.

In extreme situations, like the Corona crisis in 2020, Camping International has the right to deviate from the RECRON terms and conditions.

 Cancelations because of Corona 

  1. We receive a lot of questions with regard of cancelations because of the Corona measures. In the season of 2020 we were very flexible with regard of cancelations, because it was an unforeseen situation. But now we are all familiar with the risks and the consequences when the virus is very active again. When you book now, you are familiar with the risks and the fact that it are unsecure times. This means we do not give vouchers anymore. The only exception is when Camping International has to be closed as a consequence of government measures. So you only have the right of a voucher when the camping is closed in the time of your reservation as a consequence of government measures against Corona. You do not have the right of a voucher when the/your government gives advices or closes the borders, or the virus is active again and you are a person with higher risks with regard of the Corona virus.
  2. You can apply for the rules as cited in article 8 sub a. 

On the campsite

Do you separate rubbish?
Yes we do. On the side of the reception block we provide containers for glass, paper, plastic and residual waste. Batteries and other small chemical rubbish can be taken to reception. The big green press container for normal household rubbish is only to be used for normal rubbish. During the months April to June and September to November we provide a green container. This is only provided for pruning waste and grass. So please do not put any (plastic) bags in this container.

How does the barrier work?
On arrival you'll get a plastic card by paying a deposit for it. With this card you can open the barrier. Make sure to park in front of the barrier for there are sensors in the ground.  So if you're not parked in front of the barriers they won't open. To make sure it is quiet during the night, the barriers will only open between 8 am and 11 pm.

I'll have visitors, where can they park?
The barrier card will only work for one car, for there is only one park at each pitch/chalet. Should we all bring two cars on the premises there won't be enough parking space and it won't get any safer for the kids either. The computer registers who enter and leave the premises with the barrier card. Should anyone use your card to enter the premises, the system will not let anyone else in on that card. The person using your card to enter the premises will have to leave the premises first.

Can I enter the premises with two cars to unload?
That depends. In principle only one car is allowed per pitch/accommodation. If it is not very busy at the campsite (often during the off season) we do make an exception. Other people won't be to bothered then. But during the peak season it is often so busy it will be too complicated to get on the premises if everybody brings two cars. During the peak season you'll have to expect having to unload one car first before being able to unload the other one. You will be allowed to park this car temporarily in front of reception.

I would like to leave before 8 am, is that possible?
It is possible, but make sure your car is parked outside the gate and ask one day in advance at reception how to organise checking-out.

What's the use of the coloured wristbands?
The kids staying at the campsite are allowed to play at playfarm Pierewiet. To be able to do so they will receive a coloured silicone wristband on arrival. The reason is that many kids from other campsites or the village for example, enjoy going to 'Pierewiet' as well. They have to pay an entry fee to play at Pieterwiet. If you're wearing your wristband, we know you belong to the campsite and can play freely. We ask a deposit of € 10,- for the wristbands, ofcourse you can get it back when we receive the wristbands back.

Am I allowed anywhere with this band?
No, the wristband is only valid for the outdoor and indoor playground and not for the technique attic.  The reason for that is that materials are very pricy in the technique attic. Would you like to do some craftwork in the technique attic? Than you pay € 3,50 for the material per child.

Do you need coins for the shower?
No, we do not use coins for the shower. You can just push the button and water will run. But to make sure people don't have to wait too long during peak season, the shower time will be reduced to 5 minutes. In private sanitary cabins and chalets, you can shower as long as you like.

Do you have opening hours for the sanitary block or the launderette?
No, the sanitary block and the launderette are open 24/7.

Do you provide a supermarket at the campsite?
No, we are too small to run a proper shop. During most of the weekends and the Dutch school holidays our bakery 't Bakhuys' will be opened in the morning. We bake off fresh buns and croissants especially for you.

Where is the nearest supermarket?
In Groede (2 km) you'll find a good small supermarket in the Walenstraat (behind the church). You can go there for a simple evening meal as well. Do you prefer a bigger supermarket? You'll find one in Breskens and Oostburg (both 7 km). In Breskens you'll find a Jumbo, in Oostburg an Aldi, a Lidl, Jumbo and an Albert Heijn.

My power is gone, What do I do?
On a part of the pitches on the campsite we provide 6 Amperes power. That used to be more than enough for the basic camper, but these days we can't use devices like Senseos, kettles, elctrical grills and hair dryers. They use too much power and will make the fuse pop for sure. You won't be able to reset it yourself so you'll have to come to reception. We acknowledge the fact that we'll have to enlarge the power capacity in the near future. However that means we'll have to replace all the electricity cables and that is not happening the next few years.

Where do I find a busstop in Nieuwvliet?
In Zeelandic Flanders unfortunately the regular bus connection has extinguished. It has been economised. You can use the 'busstoptaxi' though, but you'll have to book one an hour and a half hour in advance, by ringing +31 88 235 8000. You wait at the busstop opposite Dorpsstraat at the agreed time, it's about 300 m on foot from the campsite. Should you wish to order a busstop taxi you'll need a passnumber. You can use the campsites passnumber: 44 000 3164.

Am I allowed to have visitors and how much would it be?
Should you have any visitors to have a cup of tea, you don't have to tell us. If day visitors bring any children who would like to play at 'Pierewiet' and/or use the toddlers' pool, the fee will be EUR 2,50 per child. They will get a wrist band for the day. Should people want to stay overnight, you should always let us know so we will always know who are staying at the campsite with us. Per visitor you'll pay EUR 5 per night. Entry to 'Pierewiet' and the toddlers' pool will be included.

Does it matter how many people will stay and how long for?
Yes, it does matter. Next to your own family per pitch 2 extra people who do not belong to your family are allowed to stay for the night and always with a maximum of 6 people. Should it be for only one night, me might make an exception, but we don't like 2 families camping on one pitch for several days. The capacity of our facilities is insufficient.

Can I have freeze elements frozen?
Yes you can. We have several freeze elements in stock to borrow. However, should the weather be fine, we will only hand out 3 elements per family and gone=gone. You can also bring your own and have them frozen.

Can I go out for diner nearby?
Sure! Of course we do  have our own 'frituur' (look for opening hours at reception or at 'frituur') but there are many restaurants in the surrounding area. Look on our page 'restaurants' under 'surrounding area' for our personal advice. 

What's on in the area?
In the surrounding area is lots to do! Check the website under 'surrounding area'.

Have you heard of the ZeelandPas yet? A pass giving you al lot of discounts for many activities. look at

What time can we leave?
On the day of departure you'll have to vacate before 11 am. Would you like to leave after that this will be possible if the pitch/accommodation hasn't been booked and always after contacting one of our staff at reception. Would you like to leave before 9 am? This is possible too, come to reception the day before to check-out.

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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